Most agencies like to talk about everything is not working right for their clients in the advertising and marketing world.

Here’s a few mediums that we are using that are actually working quite well.

  1. Radio: When bought properly and with a methodology that we have been tweaking and using for decades radio still produces sound results.
  2. Facebook: There’s not a more efficient tool out there right now.
  3. Instagram: And since it’s only a click of a button to add in the Instagram we are all about utilizing that social network as well.
  4. Experiential Sponsorships: We have a few clients who are opting to spend their dollars in an untraditional way more and more.  From events to sponsoring podcasts to internal marketing directives the utilization of experiences to connect with customers is not a fad but rather a way of life.
  5. Email: Wow do we like email.  As do almost all our clients.  People change social networks often but they change email addresses far less frequently.  We aren’t talking about spammy unsolicited emails either.  We are talking about opted in and nurtured customers that are expecting the emails to happen.

There’s plenty more working out there.  Actually if the business knows its target, is hustling to connect with people in the social economy, and is willing to spend some money on advertising and marketing we see the results happening.

We just know there’s always a “not working” list so we wanted to share one that is working.

Are you ready to have a partner you can trust and help you get in the right working advertising and marketing mediums?
We are that partner.  If you want and need digital lead generation or our moneyball media buying services but don’t have the in-house bandwidth to do it we’d be more than happy to set up a time to chat about how we can handle it for you. We’ll even do a free audit of your existing advertising plan and give you our feedback.  We actually work hand in hand with business owners and marketing directors, not in place of them.

Or, if you’re like so many people and just don’t fully understand the process we can explain it to you in a language you’ll understand.

Email or leave us a comment below.


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