We have a client who is bringing a new product to the market.  While they have done research on the target customer it can be a little bit of a “petri dish” until you actually get started in marketing and advertising a new product.

What test groups tell you and what a real live possible customer tells you and how they react to your new product are two entirely different things.

At Hutchison Media it’s our job, along with the client, to not only gather data and test targets for you but to also listen to the data.

Too often we think we know it all and we wind up not listening to the data because we make assumptions.  Making assumptions can lead to erroneous lapses in building sales for a new product or business.

By not only being open to listening to the data we also get to understand that sometimes we might be wrong with what we assumed.

And if we are wrong we then get to be open about making a pivot in what the data is telling us.

This client in particular wound up learning more than they could have ever imagined and it turned out some of the stuff both of us “assumed” was wrong.  However we chose to listen to the data instead of ignoring it.

Digital marketing gives us a great opportunity to learn every single day.  Those that do will have a leg up in the business world both today and moving forward!

Do you listen to the market data you receive?  

We are here to help with that and if you want and need digital lead generation or our moneyball media buying services but don’t have the in-house bandwidth to do it we’d be more than happy to set up a time to chat about how we can handle it for you.

We’ll even do a free audit of your existing advertising plan and give you our feedback.  We actually work hand in hand with business owners and marketing directors, not in place of them.

Or, if you’re like so many people and just don’t fully understand the process we can explain it to you in a language you’ll understand.

Email Mike@HutchisonMedia.com or leave us a comment below.


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