I was meeting with one of our clients yesterday and I was taking her through the power and benefits of using Instagram as a social media marketing tool for her business.

Instagram is something I use all of the time but I realized there are business owners and marketing staff that might not be aware of all the benefits for it so today I wanted to share a brief synopsis of the support Instagram can offer a business.

  1. Opportunity to authentically share your own images and stories about your business.
  2. Sharing one iconic photo is what I prefer.  And if you do a posting schedule of 3x times per week to once per day you are on track.
  3. Utilize the check in process to show your location so people can pin it on GPS to find your store or address!
  4. You can use up to 30 Hashtags…get full use out of them to grow your audience!
  5. Put the hashtags either as a comment after your description in the post or use 3 to 4 bullet points down to then insert in the caption.
  6. Think about what people are searching for or what you want to search for.  Use the hashtags to not only have people find you but for you to find people!
  7. Don’t keep the conversation going on the photo…move it over to DM (Direct Message) after one or two back and forths.
  8. Tag people and make it fun…Instagram is a platform to share the good work of others and promote not just your business but all who make it come alive.  Share that when you post.

  9. Don’t force it…be authentic!

Instagram I believe is currently the best social media tool to organically grow an audience…with LinkedIn being a close 2nd.

Do you have questions on these 9 Instagram Support Ideas? I am sure you might…I’m happy to answer them and walk you through them!

Email Mike@HutchisonMedia.com or leave us a comment below.

What else can Hutchison Media do for you if you aren’t already a client of ours?

We’ll do a free audit of your existing advertising plan and give you our feedback.

We actually work hand in hand with business owners and marketing directors, not in place of them.

Or, if you’re like so many people and just don’t fully understand the digital marketing/advertising process we can explain it to you in a language you’ll understand.

Email Mike@HutchisonMedia.com or leave us a comment below.


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